Resolution and your Personal Truth

22nd October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

You may be feeling drawn to find resolution within anything that feels unfinished, unresolved. If you allow yourself space and a little peace from the busyness you may be able to receive that resolution in the form of a higher perspective being given around what is really going on and you are able to see that in fact you do not need to do anything. It may be just the mind that is engaged and which is creating the stirring and upset within the being, the body and heart. In order to honour yourself see where you may have given your power away and are being guided by your Soul to pull it back in.

Sometimes we seek resolution from things, situations, people that in fact are best left as it is not serving us to keep going into it, rehashing it over and over, which is a trait of the human mind. What is actually being asked of us is to come back to standing in our power rather than to keep chasing, especially if you are the one, the only one trying to bring resolution. Sometimes it is best to walk away and that is what brings the peaceful resolution that you are seeking.

Allow others to be as they are. Not everyone will like us or agree with us and visa versa it can be hard when another we thought we knew well behaves in a way that is hurtful, selfish, vindictive, especially when the heart is deeply involved. The best you can serve yourself is to walk away, in love, and let it be. We can’t make another see something that they just aren’t ready or able to, don’t have the wisdom or the higher perspective around. For they can only come from where they are at, where their personal understanding is at in the moment and within the ‘story’, so we best serve ourselves by letting it be and handing it over, trusting that it will work out for the most benevolent outcome for all concerned.

Keep bringing awareness to where the head is ruling the heart. We tend to engage the head very much so when we have things left unresolved. Hand them over but know that even when we let go and ask the Divine (Source/God) to guide us the mind can still keep revisiting things, this is okay, keep handing it over to your higher power. Ask your Soul, the Divine to take from your heart any pain, discomfort, trauma that you maybe holding within, ask it to leave the personality and feel it being released and healing within you.

This is again about seeing where in your life you give your power away, where you are not standing in your truth and allowing your powerful light to shine. For we are being guided to see with greater awareness where we are not being true to ourselves and our path.

Allow yourself some time, especially if you have been skipping your time to connect in with yourself and spirit, to hear the messages that are being given to you. Where we may be out of step with our values and personal truths, all may be highlighted over the next few days.

Much Love xxx

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