A little pop in

3rd January 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

If you at times feel sluggish, fatigued, not really with it or able to get into actively doing much all is okay. This may be about for many until at least mid-January. Nothing is wrong this is all a part still of bringing us in to slow it down a little, to take time to rest and detach. Listen to what you, your body, mind, and heart need, give to yourself. Sleep may not feel very satisfying or that you are able to get enough of it as we are doing a lot on the astral it feels, busy in our dream and sleep states which can lead to waking and not feeling fully rested. This can amplify the sluggishness we are feeling, the not ready to get to it just yet.

If you have been planning, creating around new ideas or things you have wanted to put forth, put out into the world and they feel good they feel aligned but the body is just not in it, you just don’t feel ready to go ahead just yet, listen as this is also perfect. When you try to push ahead and force it to be is when you can run into difficulties. Patience just a little longer.

Things will start to pick up energetically in the next few weeks and this fits with the messages being received that February will be the real start of the 2023 year.

With love, Lee xxx

(image courtesy of unsplash.com)