12/12 ~ Be Open

12th December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

The ‘personal responsibility’ message coming in today again loud and clear, with love, asking you to notice anywhere you find yourself forming judgement, criticising or blaming, either yourself or another, a certain situation. Observe yourself within this and ask yourself what is this actually trying to teach me about myself? Can you go deep within yourself and feel what is really going on here, find the insight you are being offered within this moment, there is gold, the little gems to be found here too unwrap more of you, to understand more of you and to open you up to more of your divine Soul self.

Today keep focusing ahead, stepping forward not looking back, although having said that you may find today is a reflective day, one where you can see looking back over the year how far you have come, all you have traversed and the enormous growth achieved. You have opened up to a deeper experience and understanding of the self so for the remained of this month of December keep letting go of what you are being guided to, particularly they bring in the mental mind here and the role it can play, actively working on letting go of the worry, the unhelpful thoughts particularly the ones that keep you in the past, letting go of the human need or want to control. Keep surrendering and opening, letting go in absolute trust so the possibilities and potentials that are around you can make conscious connection when it is the right time.

Keep embracing you, your love, your power, if you can today sit in stillness even for just five minutes and breathe, feel into you, you may feel your crown and third eye activate. Feel yourself shift as you open to receive the higher frequencies of love present. See yourself steeping through a doorway, a gateway and as you do know you are steeping into closer connection with your Soul, Divine self.

Much Love xxx

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