Self Love

10th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Self-love has been brought to our attention for a while now and todays message speaks of finding balance with this, for we can all swing too far one way or the other, to an extreme, when we are working on changing or implementing something into our lives. We can get carried away and allow our focus to be so driven that we end up shutting out others in respect to self-love for fear of getting hurt, we put a shell, put up a wall around ourselves so we don’t allow anything to get near us fearful or overly cautious that it may upset our self-love path, upset the course.

Have you been receiving the call to start or to upgrade your self love? We can be aware of the importance of nourishing, supporting and loving the self, we can be aware of our needs and wants but actually making a start and taking solid action steps towards implementing them can be washy and therefore they sit remaining as thoughts, guidance that is being ignored or pushed to the back of our do do’s. Have you had your neglect or lack of self-love and care start to physically show up within the body or within your experiences with others? All the places where you have not given yourself a thought, ignored you, not spoken up may be coming up. Please know all that you experience at this time is a very supportive loving guide for you to turn within yourself, to love yourself, gift yourself the time and attention you deserve. This may be for some the first time you have actually truly, deeply registered how much self-love has been lacking, how much you have actually been rejecting yourself, your needs, your love.

What is also being shown here is that it can also flip and become unhealthy if the focus on selflove and determination to maintain a loving nurturing supportive environment for yourself becomes a space that you shut all others out. This can occur when we swing so far the other way in trying to do the right thing for ourselves that we end up adopting a fear mindset around anything coming in and upsetting the balance and peace we have been cultivating. So again it is balance, it is using  discernment what feels right to you, it is helping and caring for others by caring and helping yourself first.

The more we are choosing to open our hearts to ourselves, to love all the parts of the self and bring them into light, acceptance, love the more you will feel the radical shifts occurring within you. Massive expansion occurring. Some have come so far but now feel in a space of stuckness, or not ‘progressing’ further, you aren’t stuck or blocked it is a call to self-love, to come back to you, your love of self is the key to opening the doors further, to the next for you. Loving you is the key to your beautiful greater expanded self, your greater empowerment.

On another note – For some greater clarity and a sense of it not really being as big as it seemed in your mind may come in today around your direction, current situations, and a general feeling of knowing all is well. A sense of positivity and heightened awareness that you are indeed doing the work and moving along your path perfectly, especially if you have been in a space that has felt a bit flat recently, your energy may feel lifted but at the same time you also feel to maintain gentleness a slower pace as you are integrating the light blasts occurring. There is a welling up of love being felt within many at this time, the heart is expanding (not physically, its energetic field) as you open to higher levels of love.

Keep yourself anchored within your body, grounded to the earth so you are centred and able to move through these powerful energies of change. They show the image of a tornado where all in its outer is spinning and seems unstable, and whilst you too are within it you can choose to be within the middle where it is calm and you are able to witness everything around you but remain grounded, sure and safe in your knowing, your light, your love. Hold your peace, keep opening your heart to the beauty present. Spread your love, your joy, your magic.

Much Love xxx

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