Trust and Hold Peace

21st February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Renewing our trust in ourselves is coming through as a ‘theme’ this week. We can get so caught up at times in the human dramas of life that we can start to doubt many things in our world, about our world and ourselves. What we are wanting to bring in is the renewal of old programming that sinks us too easily into doubt and doesn’t remind us or build us up into holding trust.

Keep reminding yourself that Soul is guiding you and watching all. When you are aware of your thoughts and emotions sinking into that which is negative, that doesn’t serve you in love or takes your power away to actively choose to change it, to see it, acknowledge it for this is not about avoidance or dismissing but making active choice in that moment, moment to moment to bring yourself back into the heart, take a breath and anchor the frequency of trust within your heart. I choose different, I am thankful doubt for showing me where I still run old programming, where I still hold fear, where I distrust myself and my ability in all, I love you and now I set you free as I wrap you in trust.Doubt for some may be popping its head in around your ability to see things through, to actually bring things to form and grow them successfully, or make long lasting progress. Whether it be within a business, a relationship, your own self and your habits. You may be feeling all the feels possibly arising over the weekend already, remember all is well, hold yourself in love. Anything that rises to the surface does so for your highest good, so you can get better clarity and awareness. Choice can then be made, or not, to release, forgive, let go in love or make positive changes for your betterment.

There is such huge energy surging through at the moment and many of you may be feeling this within your being, it literally feels like everything is being shaken to the surface as this energy vibrates through us. Ground yourself and take a breath if this is making you feel a bit buzzy and a bit out of sorts or scattered within your thoughts. Breathe and be in peace as best you can within your actions and words as this surges through. The emotions are being shaken to the surface for release and relief for the physical body. This is all about making space for the new to come in, releasing the old makes this space. Timelines are shifting.

In Love xxx

(Light Code – Holding stillness within all that is shifting – SoulLee Connected (c) 2022)