Todays Messages

8th April 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

You have most likely noticed that a lot has been coming over the last few weeks that has particularly centered around your relationships. Within all of this you are being reminded on a deep level of the infinite potential that you have brought forth into this lifetime. To allow your creativity and your true natural to shine, to be authentically you, to express freely who you are, to allow yourself to BE who you are with those closest to you who can be our biggest teachers. This is beautiful opening occurring as we are being given a little charge with new light codes streaming in.

So just be aware of your resistance to anything at this time for you are being propelled forward, use any resistance any doubts and fears that arise to come in but allow yourself to be open to the higher wisdom being given within them, see through to the deeper truth of how you are allowing them to affect your emotions or thoughts. For in the moment you doubt yourself or take on another’s opinion of you this is your opportunity to see through to the truth, rise above and see that this is not who you are, reclaim your power, sit in your magic. For nothing and no one can truly from you the magic and light the love you hold unless you allow it to, rise back into your powerful light, your knowing deeply of who you are. As you keep doing this you will notice you start to rapidly shift through things and you can literally feel the power within you, it feels solid, grounded and present. Allow all to inspire you forward.

The bodies message which came in strongly yesterday is being brought in as a deep inner clearing wanting to take place and is working alongside the clearing and releasing taking place energetically. We are in the midst of a big clear out and so this may also present with the urge to clear out your spaces of clutter, get things in order, organisation so you are mentally clearer also. All the bodies are clearing out so you can also assist the physical and your external world spaces within this process.Keep feel into yourself, take control of you for you are the only one that has this power, assist the process by observing what may be out of balance. Have you been rushing around so you need to come back within and slow it down a bit so you can truly tune in and receive the messages of the Soul that guide you? Or have you been sitting on the fence with something and its time to let procrastination and avoidance go so you can get on with things, the calling to propel you forward?

Lots of energy in the air today lifting through the heart and allowing us to really feel into the power present within us, lovingly urging to keep making choices that assist us to be present and focused on our path moving forward, it’s very uplifting.

Much Love xxx

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