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8th December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Just observing what ‘feels’ good within your body, your heart and what doesn’t as you are being guided to what may not be aligned with your ‘now’ you anymore, who you have now grown to be within your expanded heart consciousness. What are you already all too aware feels old and stagnant in your life, that you are just ‘going through the motions’ within your day. Where are you not engaged and present to how you are feeling and the signals your body, your heart and Spirit are sending you, where are you shut off, closed down and not consciously aware of what you are doing?

The Full Moon although not in any way as intense as the last one will highlight what is not aligned or serving you in forward moving ways, where you are restricting yourself by staying in old ways of being or doing. It may again sound like you have heard it all before, which you have, but this journey is always digging in deeper, inviting you to work within deeper layers of clearing that support where you have now shifted to and to come into alignment with where you are at. Again, what are you focusing on and thus drawing to you, what are you are expending your energy and time on and is it healthy for you? As the message of ‘Joy’ came through yesterday again notice how you feel within certain situations, environments and around others does it feel good does it bring you joy or something else? What are you being shown? Is it a little time out that calls you and you know this deep within but have perhaps been ignoring it or putting it off in order to ‘get through’ what you feel you need to. Please try to find a little balance for yourself so both can be achieved. It will help you to not deplete yourself.

Celebrate yourself and all the changes and for some mountains it feels you have climbed this year, exhale for it has been an incredibly huge time for all of us as we are within such rapid change, all feels sped up but all does so we move through what we need to so we can connect with more of our authentic and truth aligned selves. Don’t forget to take a moment each day to pause, to bring in joy, to fill yourself up and connect within to your heart. Be the inspiration that you seek, be the love that you feel you need, it is not outside of you but found within, trust this as you are continuing to move towards living life from the wisdom of your heart.

Breathe into the present moment, let go and allow your heart to soften, if you find yourself feeling frustrated, annoyed, uptight, mentally overloaded come back to the heart, breathe deeply, and allow yourself to soften, to relax as you exhale. We continue to be within deep healing and this all supports our understanding of the gifts of our experiences. When you feel triggered or had your buttons pushed it shows you and brings opportunity to further recognise and heal a wound that has been reopened. See the gifts in all. New chapters/cycles are opening, feel them, know them as being present already, trust they are already here for you, and they draw closer as you raise your vibration to meet them. Do your best to be happy in your now and find the joy, your joy, the joy you want to have in your life, baby steps for some the smallest of steps each day that nurture you. Create a space for your new, your new desires to be by being okay with where you are at now. Thank and hold gratitude as best you can for that which comes to show you what needs changing.

Many are so fatigued and body heavy, deep tiredness, go gently your body is doing so much work to process and integrate at this time.

With so much love xxx

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