Mastering Emotional Charge

16th September 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep letting go of what wants to be released, what has been illuminated within the current energies at play. Allow your emotions space, the fullness to be no matter what they feel like. Keep the human desire to judge them to a minimum, remind yourself of this again and again for we are learning to be with what we feel and no longer run within the old ways of avoiding or resisting, covering up or masking. Instead we now choose to welcome, we open to them we are present with them and so we allow them to be how they need to be, to receive what we need, to learn what we need from them with softness and grace, with compassion and this is how we allow them to be let go of and not stored within the body, we allow the fullness of the emotion to be processed through. This is magical, feel it shift and move, notice yourself, the insights that come with the emotion, the healing. Such a gift.

Blessed be, blessed we are xxx