Todays Messages with Love

26th July 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

The breakthroughs, the activations, the gifts of wisdom and expansion of consciousness come often after the release, the work, hold that within your heart if you are feeling the intensity of your experiences as you move through what is necessary for you uniquely, although many may be experiencing similar ‘themes/learnings’ your experience is unique. You may not be aware of the subtle shifts occurring within you it may not feel all love and light when you are deep within experience, you may not see it just yet or even ever fully comprehend but all has purpose that serves you. Know as you move through each experience, the ebbs and flow of emotion there is so much occurring within you, transforming, rearranging, reconfiguring, and letting go, releasing, as you continually and consciously chose yourself, choose a higher pathway and deeply choose to trust not only you but the Souls path and the Divines plan unfolding. As you choose love over all, to hold a state, a presence of love.

Allow the purging of emotions, of deeper layers and levels of what you haven’t fully processed or brought to completeness. Your dream space may have been busy for some time now, as well as your conscious memories coming in and out throughout your day, you may find that minute details of specific moments in time in this lifetime, childhood/young adult experiences are being recalled, things you haven’t thought about in this way before as if you are transported back for a moment in your being. You don’t have to dive into this, you don’t have to submerge or take on the emotions within the memories, rise above and see yourself as above that point in time so you are detached if it is painful or confronting. Moments of memory recalled around situations that brought up self-love/worth. Family members past and present may be popping into the dream space. There is a real sense of letting go connected with all this, like seeing the threads of energy/memory coming away to completely dissolve/delete even. We forget experiences in the minute details and recollection of specific pin-points in time may be coming out of the blue. All is well, observe.

Continue to hold, shine and anchor your light, your love, be the lighthouse you are. You can only choose how ‘you do you’, keep walking step by step making serving choices, allowing yourself to draw forth and from the embodied wisdom gained, your higher wisdom from all your travelled experiences to guide you, to help you discern what is old pattern, old behaviour, old belief and choose your highest path. Connect within regularly to reset and rebalance, to centre and come back to being present, holding presence within your being so you can continue the journey to know the presence of Source, the Universe, the Divine, God within you. To remind you that you are not your outer world or your past experiences, you get to choose in each moment what you are creating and Being present within.

Change occurs from within, it occurs from within you firstly, not from anything outside of you changing and then you do. If you feel that you are waiting for your reality to change for you to feel happier, fulfilled in any way, go within, start by connecting with yourself, your heart, the wisdom within, the light within and that is direct connection to the Light of Source. Allow your inner to change your outer reality, make commitment to yourself and watch the shifts. As your vibration your frequency shifts the body, the systems all go through change, it is a process, and why so many of us are feeling more tired than we usually did as we are asked to be conscious of what we fill our days with. Don’t give up it takes time as you open more and more to higher consciousness. It’s not always easy to walk a higher path as the humans we are, with so much occurring within, as we feel, and so much occurring outside of us externally on our planet, it is a continual dance and as we receive experiences that are designed to teach us, help us and ultimately allow us to rise, all depending on what we choose to do within each experience given, we don’t always get it ‘right’. And by right meaning not wrong but that we may not yet be ready to move past this lesson/learning, there is more to experience and learn, comprehend, release, heal, clear. And is why we can find ourselves back in similar situation/experiences time and time again. Each ‘time’ offering us opportunity to make different choice, to do different, respond differently, to learn. And as we move through each learning completed fully we go through a rise in our consciousness, our frequency, we then find a period of adjusting to this shift before we then find we move to the next stage of learning we need. It is why it is important and said often to remind us that we are never going backwards when we are within experiences that feel struggle/hard to move through, we are just within a deeper learning process. And why the more we trust and keep our hearts open (as best we can), practice releasing control and/or resistance, avoidance to what is and walk in trust we are doing so for Divine reason, be willing to look deeper within ourselves, there is more ease, the gifts the other side will appear for you. We experience this individually and in our own timing and why we each have our own unique experiences. Whatever your experience of this time is may you know you are supported, deeply loved and capable dear heart.

Much Love xxx

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