Welcome to March Dear Hearts

1st March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

“Connect to your heart, enter within, the Light, the Love you seek has always been within”.

A shift is occurring this month, welcome to March, this feels a very powerful month for us all in terms of stepping into a new way of being, a higher consciousness, if we choose of course. We have heard it before right, but this feels an actual arrival for many, doors close, doors open, new directions emerge finally, insights and healing available to us all. This is they say why the message has been coming in over the last few weeks of the importance of being in the now, witnessing yourself, being present, all so you can further bring to reconciliation what is ready or let go of it, bring further resolution of the past, deeper healing, completion of cycles and karmic ties, all has been to assist letting go as you enter this new month. There is literally so much energy present, it is shown in streams of fast-moving colour waves, Light, reaching right within our cells, within the smallest particles and spaces.

Change comes from our willingness to take responsibilityfor ourselves and all we have travelled, yes it sounds huge doesn’t it but you have been doing it all along, keep going as all is designed to allow that beautiful, magnificent being you are to emerge and be seen evermore.

So now they come back to the ‘practical’ part, and I know that some messages feel on repeat at times but is so as it is the guidance that assists us and we do need reminding of within our day-to-day human busyness, so we can be consciously doing/creating not unconsciously. So again they ask us ‘Where is your focus?’, Are you aware and ‘conscious’ of where and on what you are sending your energy to, what it is creating, especially the space of where we are creating from, expansion or restriction, love or fear, the head or heart? Creation all begins with a thought and that thought is energy.

We are always so lovingly, unconditionally supported and encouraged to look at ourselves and this month sees us able to make some really great steps ahead if we have been open and present with ourselves, seeing through compassionate eyes and heart that what we may still carry that feels a weight is okay, it doesn’t make you behind or wrong or not enough it is simply awaiting your love, waiting to be brought into love. You are always where you need to be in your journey.

The message of neutrality came in yesterday and this ties in with their message today as we are asked to view ourselves from a neutral space, to view our old stories, habits, patterns, from a space of observance and non-judgement. This is how we hold compassion for ourselves but also recognise and not avoid or shove down what is being shown we can further bring into the Light, into healing, clearing. Communication becomes highlighted within this message and may be a big part of this month, not only how we are communicating in the mind and internally with ourselves but how we are also creating and projecting to others. All again a part of being more self-aware of the reality you are creating for yourself. We have come so far with this, huge leaps and heart openings have been made, the journey continues, in love.

We have such support around us, there is a beautiful flow of powerful healing energy felt that is ready to work with us, to help us within our continued journey of transformation and our ever-deepening journey back to unconditional love, connection, self-love. As always it is our choice how we engage or not with this Divine assistance. All calls us forth to live more from a space of connection and love, opening us up to see where we have been limiting ourselves, where past experiences and trauma may have been limiting our ability to move forwards and blossom luminously. All is encouraging us this month to step outside of what we have felt safe within, the past, and expand beyond what we thought we could be and take what may feel a risk, a jump into the unknown and a reality that is even more magical awaiting you.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of Dreamstime.com)