Open wider and walk in Trust

15th May 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Let it go, keep letting go of anything that feels is a disruption of your inner peace and balance. Allow all that you have learned to continue to integrate, allow yourself the space and time, the gentleness within your day, a soft approach rather than a rushed and heady approach to all. Imagine you are flowing light through all you do, all you write, read, send out and speak. Keep bringing in love to your heart, bringing the head into the heart space and ground and anchor your light and love, your energy to the core of the earth to assist you if you feel busy in the mind, unsettled or spread too thinly. You only need hold intention to do so and imagine, see, sense or feel it and know it is so for it to be done. Trust your ability.

Trust that all that you have walked over the last few month and particularly through the eclipses has now brought you to a space that allows you to feel better able, more trusting in your ability to bring more joy, abundance and prosperity to your life. To hold greater belief in yourself and in your ability to create and attract to you what you have been working towards. Greater freedom from within as the old leaves you as you continue to choose, make choice that supports, nourishes and fills you rather than depletes or doesn’t serve/align. You continue to expand, expand the heart and your ability to love, to love yourself, to see yourself in all, to see the love and opportunity present in all no matter the wrapping.

A shift has occurred are you beginning to feel it, can you ‘feel’ the change? Perhaps you are not able to really put a finger on it, just yet but you may be aware something has changed, something feels different. You may feel ready to express ideas, communication is being highlighted so you may feel more confident to tackle that conversation with another or feel more in the right space to be able to allow your heart to be expressed. If you have anything that needs attending to that requires communication it is a good time to look at doing this. Speak from a place of love. Call in Archangel Gabriel to carry all your words on his wings so all is expressed and received in the best possible way and for the highest good of all.

With much Love xxx

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