28th August 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

The image of the waves washing up onto the shore and then being taken back out again. This is what we are being guided to do with our emotions, our inner realm. To allow things to arise and present themselves whether joy, peace, anger, doubt, allow them to wash in and rise up to our awareness, but to not cling to them or hold onto them. Acknowledge and let go, let them out on the breath especially the ones that are uncomfortable, that sit within a lower vibrational space, let them wash back out.

This is about going with the flow, to not hold too tightly to one thing or another but to allow all to be as it is mean to be. Nothing is wrong no matter the experience, all emotions serve purpose, whether trigger of frustration or joy, it just is what it is. We alone allow them to form shape within our life by how much relevance we place on them, the emotion, the experience, how much attention and focus we place on them. Take away your attention you take away its power.

Feel the waves come in and allow them to swish around but also allow them to go out again. Just like the breath.  Remember your power to choose, nothing controls how you feel you either allow it to invite it in to stay or choose to see through it, acknowledge it and let it go.

Practiced awareness of your attention, your focus within the day. What are you inviting in to stay, and how is this effecting your energy, your emotions and experience within your day. You have the power.

Keep choosing to rise, choose the path of love, of least resistance, of flow.

Much Love xxx