Balanced & Open

26th September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Being able to keep yourself within a space of grounded balance at this time will help you to remain in an open and receptive space of flow, feel a greater sense of harmony present within as you allow all the shifting and changing you have been within this month to settle deeply within. There is a sense we are still within an adjusting and acclimatising period as we come to anchor deeply in the new space within us we have created, and to adjust to our expanded higher self connection.

Look for the joy, the gifts within all your experiences, all that comes your way, within your interactions with others. Where is your focus and how are you choosing to show up for yourself, what is your mindset, what are your intentions and do they serve your highest good moving forwards? Keep awareness to your actions and thoughts are they solely being driven by the mind or are the heart and mind working together? Walk with confidence and trust allowing your open heart to be present within all you choose.

Time to check in with your thoughts and beliefs around your worthiness and your trust in your ability to be able to create and connect with what you are seeking. Where are the old stories surfacing, become more conscious of any limiting beliefs when they enter your thoughts, remember the power you hold to stop and reset that thought to one that is more positive and serving. See the mistruths within the doubts and fears that arise and choose to stand tall in your powerful light/love. Time to let go of restriction and open all parts of you to expansiveness, your thoughts, you heart, your actions, your words, allow them to be free to be open, curious and joyfully creative.

Much Love xxx

(Light Code – Balance and Stability – SoulLeeConnected (c) 2022)