Freedom, Expansion, Love

12th December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The message today comes through with the image of the body, all the bodies, physical, emotional, mental, etheric etc, its shows the mind expanding and opening to new ideas, concepts, understandings, knowledge. The heart opening and expanding allowing love to enter and to flow more freely both ways, within giving and receiving. It shows the Soul expanding and illuminating brightly, expanding wider, the field expanding.

This is what is occurring within all of us, expansion, opening, growth FREEDOM. Freedom from within, freedom from attachments, from old beliefs, from what has been held in restriction and limitation, that which has felt stuck we have seen great shifts occurring. They show the beautiful Soul light within all beings, the warmth, the love, the eternal flame that burns within, that has been so for eternity since the very first spark of Light. That which we were born of. They show the stars and at warp speed travel through Universe after Universe and at the same time within and within again each Universe. The magnitude of what we are and are of there are no words to describe and the thread that all is formed – love. Take a moment to acknowledge that you are Soul, a Soul that is within a truly incredible physical form, acknowledge you. For this year has brought so much forth for your personal growth, the self-realisations have been massive, so take a moment to acknowledge you and allow yourself to slow down a little if possible and continue to let things rest and settle.

Take a moment to connect within feel the pulse of the Divine heart, the love within you. Keep opening your heart, your mind, your body, your energy to receive the divine love always present, keep opening to the magic that you are and the support that wraps around you always. Lean into it nestle in and be welcomed by the eternal light of love.

Much Love xxx

As I sign off they show me that there are many in a space of ‘preparation’, in readiness to step up next year, some that have made big moves in their personal journey this year but next year is going to bring bigger expansion. Know you are ready, this is what all the opening work this year has been working towards.

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