Listen to your Soul, you are being closely guided

19th April 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Listen to your Soul and the guidance that you are being given at this time, there feels such a push forward the energies are quite powerful and purposeful. The angelic realm is also closely supporting us as we navigate the changes within our world that are bursting forth from the inside out, as we make changes and choices that empower us forward on our paths . Are you taking the time to make space to really listen, there is so much information coming in at this time but are you making time to be still so you can connect with the guidance and wisdom that is being given to you? You are likely feeling quite strongly where things are not in alignment with you, that which your heart is just not in it anymore, or where you are being guided to step back a bit. Really pay attention to all that you are receiving, notice the subtle signs that arise and that your body is giving to you also as you are receiving through all levels and layers, all systems. You are being guided to how you are better able to closely support yourself on your Soul lead pathway. All becomes clearer when you aren’t running at 100 miles an hour. How can you serve and support yourself more to follow a heart aligned way forward?

If you are feeling a sense of resistance arise look to see what it is showing you about a situation, person, yourself, what is underneath it. If something doesn’t feel right in the moment, if it doesn’t feel the right fit, shape or path for you, the right choice to make, listen, as you are being shown where you can further release and let go of the fight to hold on to that which doesn’t fit in the newness that is wanting to burst forth.

Much Love to all xxx

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