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28th June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

We play an important role in each other’s lives as we assist each other through our connectedness on our unique journey to Oneness and Ascension. As came through yesterday’s message before we can play an integral role in helping others we have to first take care of ourselves, take care for this incredible physical vessel that we have been gifted for this human experience.

You may be feeling the calling to go within, feel guided to the light within you, if you are follow this as Soul guides you to be still, to listen so you are open to receive the information that is ready to be gifted to you.

Be aware of where you may be in judgement of yourself or another/others for judgment only serves to separate you from yourself, from others and from the Divine. When you feel separated, are within the illusion of separation, it very much can bring forth those lower emotional states of anger, fear, frustration, and you may find yourself within verbal communications that are not from an open heart space and of love but fear and shadow. Be mindful of where you are getting tied up in things that are not yours to entangle yourself within be mindful of what you are taking on the energy of. If you find emotions rising feel them and then let them go, try not to judge them or hang on to them. You may be experiencing deeper insights about your values and beliefs as you are further guided to hold unconditional love for yourself and others. Many are still deep within further healing the wounding relating to the self, their identity and where they feel they fit in the world, ancestral healing is tied into this also.

As always remember you do the best you can in the moment, there are no mistakes only valuable learnings for your growth and expansion. If you can keep reminding yourself to see all as not right or wrong, good or bad, success or failure, this includes especially yourself not just your experiences and choices, then you open to the gift that is held within every moment. For all is opportunity to choose to hold love, to reside in love and be present from a space of love. You are a beautiful, magical, limitless gift of Light, never forget who you truly are and are of, the Divine Love of All.

With Love xxx

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