The Many Faces that Make the Human

25th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Who we think we are within relationships comes in, hmmm this is an interesting one is it not? The many faces we wear, that make us, us, that we are, or that we ‘perceive’ ourselves to be, the labels. They change depending on who we are with but what is coming through is about those different faces that aren’t us anymore, those that are no longer in alignment with who we are now, who we have expanded and grown to be. Are you still walking around and putting on an old face, an actually outdated version of yourself? Our humanness can still happily play within these same faces as that is either who we are used to being in that relationship, it feels snuggly and familiar, or it is who we feel the other person, group, work, needs us to be, expects us to be. Perhaps who we feel we need to be seen as to fit in so we don’t stand out. At times these go to faces can feel comforting in some respect. Today Spirit asks where have you outgrown the face you put on?

Have you found that around certain people, no matter the relationships or shape they take within your life things feel different or you notice you don’t feel like you fit there anymore, you may feel the shift in energy between you and the other person, work, the environment/place. So a question comes through – Are you able to still be authentically you, true to who you are within this relationship/space? Do you feel you put on a face that doesn’t fit you anymore? Spirit just wants us to think about this today, where do you feel you don’t align? Nothing wrong, it is about where you are not allowing the ‘real’ you to shine, where you are not allowing the expanded version of you to be seen, where you are running with an old version of you.

For some you are still in the in between space, you have been actively doing the work, shifting out of the old versions of self as you make conscious choices that serve you. Within this your awareness of self is expanding rapidly and the newer version of you is still coming into form.

Much Love xxx

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