Keep Stepping with the Heart

12th October 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are experiencing such deep personal change, the energy centres of the body particularly the upper chakras are changing or is it charging with more light I feel they show me, coming online more, activating in higher levels of light. The physical body is being effected and has been made big connections with many around the changes it is requiring to be able to support you in this rapid awakening process. You can assist it to move the higher frequencies it is receiving through it by moving it, hydrating it, stretch, walk, water, sunlight. Being in nature will really help all settle within you and help ground and anchor all occurring.

Keep bringing your thoughts into your heart, they show actively running the thoughts through the heart and if you have had an overly active mind of late use your tools, stillness, nature, to get out of your head and back into your body, into your heart space. So you are able to keep (as came through yesterday and has been a message for a while) making your choices, actions with the heart engaged not just the mind, from a reactive space rather than a space of alignment. Using the heart, the mind and the Soul as a team to guide you, instead of allowing the head to lead.

They show the light coming through the crown, third eye and throat connecting into the heart so I see that this is showing us the image within the message. Being open to what we are receiving, and we are better able to receive, to hear, notice the little thoughts that we think are ours but are being delivered through the higher self, your team in Light, when we are not rushing, not allowing the mind to race. Mindful of taking a step back and to keep dropping the thoughts as they come into the heart, you can actually envisage this process if it helps. Keep catching yourself and recognising when thoughts are not helpful and cancelling them as you become aware of them.I feel the connection between the throat and the heart changing and will continue to change, so this allows us to start to feel more confident and more aware of speaking through our hearts. You may start to notice you are giving yourself permission to express where before you may have held back, feel strong enough to allow yourself to voice, you to want to be heard, to speak your heart’s needs, to speak authentically.

(It has popped in that there are some of you that that have received Personal Codes and Readings where your Code was specifically working within the connection with the Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart or similar that at this time if you are not already, to place your Code where you can see it within the day or you may like to spend ten minutes in stillness with it to support you at this time this week to through this process. As always feeling into what feels right for you).

I was guided to draw a card today and Speak your Truth comes forth supporting the message and I feel this will be felt within the body, the solar plexus and throat for those that need to listen to their hearts around things you haven’t yet voiced or have been holding back from voicing/expressing for whatever reason. Just sink into this and feel what is wanting to come forth for you, you are being guided in how to support yourself better.

Much Love, Lee xxx

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Pic courtesy of Spirit Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno)