Trust yourself in the Unknown

5th July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Allow that which you are unsure of to unfold, try to let the mind go or be more conscious of when your mind and thoughts are running the show as we are guided to dig deeply into trust, faith, the heart. Trust that all that does come to creation and form, that which is to be from this space of uncertainty will be right for you. We are guided to be aware of where we slip into fear as an old, programmed patterned response to not being in or feeling able to control, a situation, outcome, person. Particularly when we feel something outside of ourselves has control over us, when we don’t fully trust our self and our ability to be able to guide ourselves through what is unknown or what feels unstable, not fully formed. When we feel fear rise up we are given opportunity in that moment to become more self aware and pause to allow us time to look within at what’s really going on, what the fear is actually attached to. Are we reacting from old programming and conditioning, patterned behaviour, are old survival fears being triggered, some of which extend back through old ancestral patterns/beliefs. This pause and inner dive allows us to not ignore or rubbish our fears but to allow us to speak with them, see them in clearer light and give us opportunity to make change and transmute some of these very old responses to the unknown.

We are all working to deepen our trust and surrendering, surrender to trusting that what is unknown to us doesn’t have to be feared but seen as a space of possibility and potential. Keep dropping into the heart for its truth and guidance, trust your intuitive nudges and be aware of where you are dismissing your own inner wisdom and handing it all straight back over to the mind to over analyse and spiral into emotional reaction without discernment. Keep recognising where you shrink yourself in fear, hold yourself back, recognise and become more self aware of your patterns as all works to keep opening your awareness to the greater magic all around you, that which sits just outside of fear.

A little pop in that some of you that receive information, that are intuitively and sensitively aware may be feeling the pull to step up and voice, express, want to share what you receive but fear is holding you back, fear of not being ‘right’, fear of judgement, fear of ridicule, fear of being seen and heard, fear of what others close to you will think. Start small and know that what you have to offer what you are being guided to share of yourself is very much needed in the world. Start small everything starts from something, celebrate each step you take and allow yourself time to process and work through each one as you create the shifts within that expand you. Walk with your fear or your nervous excitement, trust in yourself and in Soul guiding you, you will be so very glad you did. Give yourself permission to allow your beauty and light to shine.

Much Love xxx

** A little note that posts for the next two weeks may be more sporadic as I use this holiday break of not having high school drop off pick up to sink into getting to some client Codes that are outside of my scheduled Personal Codes and Higher Guidance Readings. You know who you are and I thank you for your trust and patience to receive at the right time for you. **

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