The Seasons & Our Own Cycles

21st March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As we have shifting into new seasons and cycles it feels we are very much shifting within our own individual cycles. There is a shift occurring where you are moving out of the deep inner work so many have been immersed within to come into an awareness of a new stirring within, bringing a newness, a new energy emerging. It may feel you are coming out of hibernation and are feeling the want to create and get to things or it may feel, and I feel this is very much also playing within which side of the season you are on (Spring or Autumn), that you have come into a space of now really embodying all you have been working with, so you are entering a time of restoration, regeneration and information is dropping in for the next.So we are guided to allow the letting go of all the little ‘energetic ends’ to call them that, that are still trailing off, leaving us. They are showing as little wisps leaving, the tail ends of what has been let go of. So acknowledge this time and where you are at and even if you don’t feel it within your physical mental human self, know that within you much has changed and will start to make its ‘feels’ more recognisable to you soon. Let the minds want to hand on to every little detail go, ease and flow to assist the process. This is an exciting time can you feel it within you can you feel that rise even if just a little of your empowered self, the shift that has taken place within?

This feels very much a turning point for many so keep allowing yourself to flow within all, allow yourself freedom to express where and when you feel to, for your words to flow, from love, your thoughts and actions to be in flow with what feels intuitively right for you in the moment. Trust yourself and your choices knowing that what you choose is right for you in the moment. Be the beautiful being of energy and love you are that flows with the universe, for you are within a powerful time of reset. So much of what you have been through (experienced, whether current or long past) will not be repeated, breathe out and release, flow Divine Light.

A little last pop in – For some you may have been guided to look into the physical body more, it has been communicating with you as it is in need of functioning in better ways to be able to keep up with the changes you have been within. If you have been receiving messages or your gut particularly has been speaking with you through sensations or even digestive issues then it may be time to lovingly look into this so you are able to function in much better ways and with greater energy to support the light you are now able to hold.

Much Love to all xxx

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