Welcome to April

1st April 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

What is no longer ‘you’ what is no longer in alignment with your new beingness will feel increasingly uncomfortable as you are continuously guided to change aspects of your life to come into alignment with where you are now, that align with your newly discovered truths, your renewed resolve to exist in your life in all ways in authenticity.

It is time to let go of the past hurts and resentments, the wrongs you may feel have been done to you as memories may surface over the next few days around experiences that have felt unjust within your life. Time to let it go, go within, call in your angelic team to assist you to bring about greater peace as you are guided to let go and detach more. Go within, sit in sacred space and ask for the Angelic Realm to lovingly guide you through releasing what no longer serves you in your now, to help you let go of any attachments to the past so you can continue to step forth with a renewed sense of purpose and strength.
If emotions, dreams, memories arise that have you feeling a little or a lot off, try not to get sucked into thinking that things are going backwards or you aren’t getting anywhere for you are, see the gift that this brings so you are able to release further, let go further, and make space within to fill yourself up with love. All is bringing you back to yourself, back to love, the true essence that is you. See the gifts and be mindful of not falling back into old ways of thinking, patterning and behaviours (especially over this coming weekend) when certain memories or emotions rise. Remind yourself you don’t have to sink into things and allow them to take you over, observe, detach and be as non-judgemental as possible. Be aware of how you feel and know that you are releasing layers of guilt, shame, attachments to the past. Allow it and receive the beautiful gifts to come.

The presence of Quan Yin has been in and out this morning as she guides us to rise up in our power, to hold compassion and love for ourselves and others as we step courageously forth with determination and knowing. Taking the wisdom gained and embodied through our life experiences to serve us to create what we wish to see and be within for our future self now.
🌷 Some of you may feel guided to call in Quan Yin to assist you to let go of any built up anger that may be present that you hold for yourself or others. She will assist you so you are better able to start the process of forgiveness around the root cause/s of these emotions. Sit in sacred space and invite her to be with you, express what is within your heart and allow any emotions to flow that are ready, however they appear. All is guiding you back to yourself and opening you to greater compassion and connection.

Much Love xxx

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