Its Okay to Feel, In fact its Perfect

19th December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

All at this time is actually working to assist you to make any changes that will better serve you to step into the new year’s energies with a greater sense of freedom within. It may feel like the universe is giving you a little ‘nudge’ or it may feel more like a push, all to aid you to become really clear about what is being shown to you, what you can work within that you are ready to let go of or is as yet incomplete so it can be done with. What you don’t really want to take with you or have hanging around into another year unresolved, the Universe may be lending you a hand that may for some feel like anything but a helping hand, it may feel like things are coming all directions. This is where your awareness and willingness to see all from a higher perspective, through Souls eyes will help you see through to the learning presenting itself, to the gift within the experience so you can continue to make the changes you need that serve you and that work to bring to completion cycles with others, karmic ties, whether it’s making the decision to do, speak, act differently, to express from your heart or cut ties. ‘Know when to hold them know when to fold them know when to walk away know when to run’ Spirit brings to my mind.

Keep finding ways to make time to come back to a space of peace, go within, support yourself by using the practices that work for you to assist you to travel this time with greater peace. Can you see within the situations, interactions and experiences that are arising where you are being asked to step up and put into practice all you have found out about yourself this year, all that you have grown from and learned. Practicing better mastery of walking within peace, of finding love in the moment, of holding a space of compassion, of choosing to walk away or say nothing, to let it go, to hold space for another but not take it all on, to detach, to allow, to uphold boundaries, to practice neutrality.

The biggest learning is to be okay with being human however that looks in the moment, to know it is okay to feel, we can be scared to feel or be perceived as vulnerable or unstable. It takes courage to feel, really feel, to sit with our emotions and not want to project, avoid, or stuff them down, judge them, escape them. We need to get really okay with being human, and that means we do sometimes get angry, sad, messy, we don’t get it ‘right’ all the time no one does, that’s perfect, that’s human growth, as well as the joyful, happy, open moments. Time to be okay and not so judgemental if you feel you don’t have it all together, all perfect, all isn’t roses. Acceptance, compassion and holding a space of love for yourself can be a challenge at times, it’s all a part of learning self-love and knowing it is really okay, it will pass, it’s okay to be human, this is after all why we are here. Be proud of all of you for you are a divine being a heart, at your core, a ‘divine human’ and choosing to be here at this time on the planet is no small feat! Celebrate your beauty whether its messy or blissful in the moment. You are truly incredible don’t forget your magnificence Divine beauty.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of unknown)