Give the Gift of Kindness

16th December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Continue dear hearts to observe how you feel, check in with yourself within your day, this assists you to feel where you are out of balance and where you are doing for the sake of it, perhaps running yourself ragged this time of year. Ask your heart “What do you need today?” Ask your body “What do you need today?” Ask your Inner Child “What do you need today?” Your heart may want peace, your body may want rest, your Inner Child may want fun, laughter. Ask and they will tell you what you need if you really listen and silence the mind for the mind will answer in a completely different way. If you can’t see a way to step back then at least commit to yourself to make time even just ten-fifteen minutes a day to come back into the heart follow your breath and as you close your eyes connect to the Earth and ask the Earth Mother to take all the weight your body, your muscles, and bones your head and heart are carrying from you. See it running down through your feet and into the Earth, feel it drain from each part of your body. Remember to thank our beautiful Earth Mother for all she is.

You may be feeling a renewed sense of commitment to yourself, this energy is shown circling out from your heart and it is you being ready to really stick to and firmly hold in love your newly formed or redefined boundaries. For you are more able to honour and commit to them after all you have travelled over the last six months. You are able and you are capable as your desire to do for you in new ways leads you onwards.

Try not to play into things that only serve to distract you at this time or that have the ability to knock you off course, off centre. Stay out of judgement as best you can, let others be whatever that looks like and whether you agree with it or not, see where you are being given opportunity to actually put in place those boundaries that serve you in love. Be mindful of not attaching to others negativity or drama. Use the short Audio for the Physical Body Light Flush below, message me or comment if you would like it emailed to you. The Code Image is for connection to the Earth.

Be kind and reach out if you are able to those that may not be with anyone this Christmas, if you cannot physically even a phone call can brighten someone’s day and lets them feel they are not alone. Give from your heart the gift of kindness, of compassion and just an ear or a smile. Many have lost loved ones recently, many are dealing with things that we have no idea about for they don’t share or voice, many are struggling and alone and being separated from those they love can be crushing. You never know how you touch someone’s heart or lift someone up by the kindness you show. Love is free, compassion and kindness are free, listening and supporting are free. The most blessed gifts of all.

With love xxx