Balance & Blessings

21st September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected
What is wanting to end and what is forming, what are you wanting to bring in, create more of or set intention to? This is a powerful time this week for letting go and for consciously powering your way forward. As always be aware of what is presenting for you, what are you emotions showing you, what’s surfacing as they are the gifts that help propel you forward. Our balance of giving and receiving surfaces, mindful of where you find judgement rise either toward another that you already had an issue with or towards yourself, as always be kind here, take a deep breath and go within, there is very clearly something sitting within this that is awaiting your acknowledgement.

Issues/emotions which can surface as resentment around control, either feeling controlled, no choice, or knowing you have given your power away. Be kind  to yourself but do look into the emotions surfacing as they guide you to what you don’t wish to have within your relationships with others, what doesn’t work for you as it is out of alignment with honouring the self, self-respect and love. What changes are they guiding you to make, even the smallest have huge impact. You can still do for others but with healthy firm boundaries in place, you just have to honour them yourself and not slip back into old ways. If you do don’t beat yourself up as there will be opportunity again have no doubt to put them into practice. It takes time to change patterns and programs that may have been operating for a lifetime, but with each choice, each step you can make change that dramatically alters your life.

Remember you are a beautiful being of Light and Love and you are directing your path ahead with every thought, emotion, word and action. Choose with higher intention what you are creating, let go of trying to control what is more than ready to leave, acknowledge what isn’t working. Set some intentions for you and set forth to make changes that better you and your life rather than focusing on what isn’t working, what you don’t have or being comparative to others. You are a powerful being and you have choice in every breath.

Be aware of your focus comes through again as this is the point you create from. What are you choosing to create, to project and thus form in your world? See yourself as abundant already, blessed already, for you are, focus on this within your heart and you attract more of the same, this is what you project into the world.

Much love to all xx
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Images courtesy of Spirit Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno