Release and Heal

16th February 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Its all about letting go and releasing anywhere you feel resistance to change, the need to fight, yourself, another, or your life’s divine flow and direction. Soften your push and welcome in sweet peace, come back within for you are being shown a better way and if you continue to fight and push again the natural flow for you, you will keep coming up against blocks and a feeling of it being hard, stagnation. Let it go, hands up and surrender that maybe you don’t know it all and the universe is trying to guide you to something you are not yet able to see, sense or feel.

There are beautiful waves of healing streaming through that are assisting you to further let go of all that disrupts your inner peace particularly around things within the last six months, to a year for some. Surrendering and handing over the past allows you to be further present in the now, your now moment where you are creating your future from, being present allows you to be in a higher vibrational space, for you are not holding yourself in past energies or attaching yourself to past experiences. You come into a more open, receptive and expansive space to create from and to better feel, sense and connect to what feels aligned.

Be present and aware of anything that may appear within your thoughts, your emotions, the little pop ins that come to show you that you haven’t let it go or that still trigger you even if just a little. Don’t sink into them or over analyse them there is no need, just observe how you feel, what Soul is showing you and place them in a bubble of love. Take the emotion, take the situation, take the thought that doesn’t serve you now, that you don’t need to carry and place it in a bubble of light, maybe it has a certain colour for you and allow it to float away, see it rising up. As it does thank it for the learnings, hold gratitude for it and allow it to rise and transmute within the sun’s rays. Feel the freedom, the lightness as you do this, feel the peace and love within your heart as you let go. Allow the words or emotions to flow if that is what is coming forth as you do this, there is forgiveness within this for some a final letting go of what has weighed on your heart. Don’t block its path to leave you, don’t resist it, all is well, send it on its way with love and gratitude for all that it brought you, for there are divine gifts in all.

Much Love and Peace to all xxx

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