Where is Support lacking? What rattles and shakes is showing you.

14th February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

We are being given a nudge to get to the things we haven’t yet either taken action on, made even the littlest steps towards, that are needing to be re-routed, brough to a form of resolution or creation or that which we have not been wanting to be acknowledge or we have been avoiding for all manner of reasons. Much has been held closely within the heart for some time, it has been bubbling away and for many of us it is becoming impossible to ignore, resolution is being sort in some form especially where we are just plain not happy, where there is no joy present.

For some creation is knocking on your door as its more than ready

and it’s getting louder. Whether for you it’s a move, a project, an idea that sparked long ago and you have started to receive, or they have been dropping in for a while, little downloads of insight here and there around it. What the heart has been longing to be recognised. A time to really work on bringing any niggling doubts and fears into love, a time to hold huge compassion for yourself with what arises, all the ‘what ifs’ and ‘I’m not good enoughs’, ‘I don’t have the a b c d…’, especially that which sit within the ‘what ifs’ that can create stories that if not seen for what they are can leave you too fearful or too confused to move or make any form of exploration/action/commitment. Self-sabotage that stops you before you even start.

Some may be physically feeling the energy moving through the body at this time (again) affecting the gut, the nervous system, the heart, as well as the mental mind, all the places and spaces where we have held old beliefs that hold us back and which we still entertain, all that isn’t sitting within truth rattles, it may be subtle it may not feel all too pleasant for some, allow it without resistance and fear to move through you, it will pass, it just wants your awareness. Try to remember that what rises is a gift for you to explore. We are being shown what doesn’t fit with who we are now, you have made big changes within yourself and now your outer world, your relationships may need bringing into balance, so all are supported. It’s all about support! Where we aren’t supported within what we have created for ourselves, what we hang on to that doesn’t work anymore as it doesn’t support who we are now, or where within our relationships we don’t feel supported, whether emotionally, physically, whatever is out of balance. All seeks to be brought into greater harmony. Yes we have heard this before, we all have but this is because there is still more to explore, to let go of, to balance and to blossom within, all working to bring greater joy and freedom within so this is what you radiate out into the world and the space you create from.

As always take what resonates within your heart and leave the rest with love.

Much Love xxx

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