Todays Feels

13th September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

There is opportunity to really see how far you have come, where you don’t engage as you would have before, where you are able to be within a non-reactionary space as you either can take a breath before engaging in word or action, or you notice that the trigger isn’t there any more, you simply don’t come from that space you once did, don’t operate that that same level. You have changed, shifted, risen, see the work and the effects now in your reality. Feel the lightness, that sense of greater knowing within you as what has been clogging the being, the mind shifts.

You may feel more inspired today, have a bit more get up and go, feel the flow of the ideas you have had form greater connection so you feel ready to act. There is a real buzz of possibility so if you are in a space where you are feeling restricted, scattered or unable to settle, you feel in conflict sit and meditate or get out and walk, move the body to assist the energy to move through you, to shift your state. There feels a great influx of communication, whether through dreams, meditation, or just within the mind when you are in a space of receptivity, flow. The Soul is in communication and the best way I can describe it is there feels an opening in awareness that we will be feeling this week.

Spread your love, anchor your love and light within the Earth and remember the beautiful being you are.

Happy Monday all. Much Love, Lee xx

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