Todays Messages with Love

25th October 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

You continue to walk your path forwards towards in-body(ment) of more of your true essence, your truest self as you uncover deeper truths and deeper knowing’s of/about yourself. Dare dear hearts to dream outside of the box, outside of what you thought and still currently think is only possibility for you for it is very real and accessible if you just believe it to be so, continue to move within to the centre of your heart space and find peace where and when you need it, the space where nothing that is outside of you can truly reach without your allowance, be present within peace dear hearts. Feel the expansiveness that you are the enormity and magnificence of what you are tis knowing is more available to you in a space of peacefulness/stillness, a space you may become aware of just how limited your thoughts have been, how limiting your stories have made you for you are ready to open your wings and fly, let it all go, let it all go and trust, allow the what ifs to rise and send them on their way, allow the doubts to rise and send them away on the wings of love again and again for it is time for you to rise up and move past your old and conditioned thoughts, perceptions and beliefs. What does not sit in truth is becoming clearer to All for the very foundations are being rattled as it can no longer be sustained, what has been covered up is coming to Light in our own selves/lives and the world.

Much is being revealed at this time, things may not seem to be or feel to be what they once where for/to you, whether person/s, place, experience, action, routine, behaviour, as well as what is occurring on the world stage, for you are seeing differently, you are becoming more finer tuned to the subtle (and not so subtle) energies you engage/involve, attach yourself to. It is for some as if the light has been switched on within (it has) and you are now not only becoming conscious of what isn’t for you/aligned anymore and perhaps hasn’t been all along, but more acutely aware of your energy body, how all feels and moves within all bodies, mental, emotional, physical and energetic. This higher state of awareness means you feel those choices and actions made from old programs and beliefs that are not aligned with your true self so the tendency to be critical of yourself or judgemental of yourself for making what you feel is a choice that wasn’t best for you. Be aware of your mental chatter, it’s okay to say something you wish you hadn’t, it’s okay to project or react in a way that you know you shouldn’t have, to say yes to something you regret, sometimes it is hard to feel the energy moving so intensely within you and be able to find your place of peace and calm within that moment. Allow yourself the grace to be human, you are a newer version of self you have done so much work and come so far on your healing journey this year alone allow yourself the grace to be human, to make what you perceive to be a mistake. You continue to work within rewriting the old ways, allow yourself grace as you continue to walk this divine human journey.

Trust the process, trust your process and remember you are never going backwards always ever forwards, a wrong choice made from old programming and conditioning, a harsh work said in frustration does not mean you are going backwards for you are learning within each experience, each moment this is what we are here for, allow yourself the grace to be human and extend that to all others also. Remain present with yourself, keep loving yourself. You are within the midst of a huge shift/s, and in your own life it may have been illuminated as a change of work, relationships or subtle changes within these areas that you are experiencing within your mind and emotional body. Newness is ever always present and possible, new timelines, there is a sensing of excitement as new timelines are being created many are going to be stepping out of where they are now and into something new as we shed the skin we are within and connect with new opportunities, possibilities, pathways, can you feel it? Some will some wont it does not matter. Be aware of where you may be holding yourself back still holding belief that it is not possible or you are not capable or able to, whatever that may be to you, where you still feel unworthy, where you may be inclined to say no when a yes is the leap of faith that the Universe is waiting for. Dare to dream, dream outside of the realm of what you think is possible and BE open to all possibility, dream big.

Be the love that you wish to see, feel in the world.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of Alt free photos)