Current Energies

13th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

There is a lot coming in right now, it may feel a lot and it may not through you systems, heightened intensity of energies hitting the planet. There is so much being activated and our body integrating at this time. To best support yourself through this try not to perceive anything as wrong, to label anything or get too deeply sucked into how you are feeling, just allow it knowing that all is well and this is the upgrading, up leveling and integrating of all you have wanted to bring in and to let go of. It is all so uniquely different for everyone so don’t compare yourself, support each other yes but compare no, there is no right or wrong way it is just your way to do.

The call is heightening, the abilities starting to come on line and are expanding in those that are already aware of and working with them, things are changing and you may find that the way you have done things or the way you have had information come in or how you have gone about your practices is changing, don’t resist the change. It may feel a strange space in between at times as you are adjusting to who you are. It may feel at times that you are losing some of your abilities but they are coming on line in new ways, nothing is lost in fact you are gaining.

There is a rising, expansion of golden light being activated within us, I have no more information other than seeing it and feeling its presence. See a golden orb of light within you pulsating with your heart beat, connect to it, breathe it, some of you may see it and feel it or just have awareness of your light expanding.

Give yourself what you, your body is guiding you it needs, whether rest, slowing it down and just doing the essentials, grounding and nature time or it may be the spark to get creative within what has been coming in, use this energy how it feels best for you.

Much Love xxx

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