All IS Love

3rd February 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Today’s message comes with the image of scales, they are being shown balanced, then they are tipping a little one way then evening up and then tipping a little the other way. The message ‘Balance’ doing our best to keep in balance when that which arises within you or that which you may be connecting and attaching to that is outside of you and outside of your responsibility or control arises. Don’t be misled into believing that just because things feel a little rocky at times or up and down that something is wrong. Nothing is wrong, this is where we are guided to practice, practice, practice our mastery of discernment, what is truly yours and what is not, what is yours to own, and what is not. We can see now this also connects with the message I posted earlier today that although things may not feel pleasant all the time, neither are they supposed to, it is a part of the journey. However we can take what we have learned remind ourselves of it, use the tools we have but ultimately remember that we are okay, for we are ultimately supported, loved and cherished. Remind yourself of your incredible power and ability to move through anything and remember to ask for help for the Angels cannot help you to either bring ease, to illuminate and show you what you may be missing, what needs to be learned and acknowledge so you can then move through, without your permission. Just as the scales move and shift you never stay in the same position nothing is in the same state forever, your perception and beliefs ARE everything.

You have moved through and done some incredibly powerful work this last few years, many have had a lot coming at them (it has felt) but this HAS expanded you in so, so many ways, opened you to your heart (heart activation and expansion), what you are now able to heal is on a much deeper level and you can access this now because of the MAGIC of who you are. There is beauty in all, fill yourself up with it, let the mental mind take a back seat, bring it down into your heart (contact me if you haven’t got the Head/Heart Merge audio and you would like it emailed to you to assist with this) and choose to reset how you perceive things to be. If you look for love in all you will find it, if you attach to the discomfort of it you will amplify it. All is love, it has many faces, how are you perceiving it? Sink in delicious trust all is well and allow, surrender, just BE.

With Love xxx