New Beginnings & Thriving

25th January 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Keep choosing thoughtfully as you actively create your future, the next now moment that you desire to see and reside within. Your thoughts, words, actions, remember you get to choose. I was guided to ask for a card of support for today and we have received two, New Beginnings which is very much speaking to the message that as we come closer to entering February the energy will change and we will all slowly start to feel a much needed lift in our ability to feel ready to do, a little bit of get up and go that we can use to propel ourselves forward with those wants and ideas, and just in a general sense of feeling greater clarity, feeling a sense of groundedness in ourselves return, and within the mind, our thoughts about what we want which helps us make our choices. New Beginnings are being shown to you, again notice the subtle signs, synchronicities and what your own intuition is picking up. The card of Thriving is the reminder that we are always thriving, always moving especially when we don’t feel we are for we are always being propelled forwards never backwards it is just the mind, the personality at times that can creep in to rule and override the knowing that this is so. It (I feel) is coming in for us a space that we are not so much working on the past and from past ideas and ideals, traumas but coming into a space that we can work from now, from the present and create. The last few years have been heavy for many healing and diving into the wounding’s carried, much of this feels it is going to be able to be put to the side now and you focus and can come into a space of now for you. Things will be revisited again when needed but not in the way they have been, a lot of the struggle feels over, the depth. (Best way I can describe it)

This is, and interestingly timed with the Archangel Protection Code yesterday a good time to clear your spaces, use the Violet flame if you have this Code or call it in, have a salt bath time to get any stuck or, stagnant energies that are still attached to the old year clear of your field, shake them loose. Sage your spaces and allow this sacred plant to do its thing clearing anything that is less than unconditional, that is not of the Light. Then open your doors windows and allow all to clear out. You can use incense if you prefer or Palo Santo. This is assisting the clearing of any threads after the new moon a few days ago and as we enter the new year energy.

A message for some – See through to the truth. That which your mind is telling you is not your truth, see it identify it as an old belief that is no longer needed, see the connection to shadow and come back to the truth that you are all powerful, you are not limited, lacking or less than. Reclaim your power. Hand on your heart and affirm “My mental, emotional, etheric and auric body’s, my spirit and soul are completely and absolutely safe and protected now, unconditionally and effortlessly, eternally”.

Much Love xxx

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(Card images courtesy of Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Linn)