Hello Hello Dear Hearts

21st January 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

I am back home and enjoying a final weekend of resting with a peaceful heart with family.

We continue to learn, to find ways to express and honour ourselves and our own personal power with grace. The words, the frequencies of abundance, of freedom stream through strongly from the higher realms of light as we are always lovingly guided and supported, encouraged to continue to keep our hearts open, creating a greater space of freedom from within that ripples through all we walk.

Gift to yourself the beauty that allowing yourself space brings to you, remind yourself that you don’t have to judge your feelings, your circumstances, your thoughts, it’s what the human does so well, allow them to be so they can come, and they can go, let them flow through, they are allowed the space they need to just be and to be let go of.

As January was spoken about and referred to (in past posts) as being the month that really completes and ties up the last remaining energies of 2022, there are cycles that are closing for us and you may become aware of them through your emotions, your thoughts, your dreams. With love let them go as it is time, time to step into the frequencies the power and potency of this 2023 year. So to allow this time to serve you well allow yourself the grace to be with anything that comes up for you, to drift and leave. The heart space may experience a feeling of heaviness for some, the heart is being show, the heart chakra is going through activations, there may be a sort of flatness felt for some, again allow yourself space to rest, to stop the busyness or the human personalities want and routine of pushing through or having to be busy. It will pass and it will help if you are feeling this to go lightly. Let go of over analysing and judging yourself, your emotions, comparison to others. Allow yourself the space to really be present with yourself, to allow your hearts messages to be heard so you can continue to honour your Soul led path and the beauty it is ready to open you to and connect you with. Awareness to when the mind is running the show, hands on your heart, close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to centre yourself back within the heart space, presence within the body within the now. Be peaceful dear heart.

With love to all xxx

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