Presence – Allow Light to Lead

21st March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

Being Present, BE. Be aware and present within yourself means being aware of and checking in where you are at in your day, once or multiple times> Checking in where your thoughts are, your focus, is it in the past attached to old stories and experiences, is it running busily so you are actually taken out of BEing consciously present with all that is within your now moment, the insight, opportunity, messages, love, Light. Too busy DOing, running unconsciously so not within a space that you are going to be able to connect with all the information present within and around you to make the best aligned choices in that moment. Can you check in with yourself and be present for when you are present, hold presence this is your space of power, you are present within your power.

These current energies bring opportunity to reset and reconnect with your heart’s dreams and desires, what aspirations and ideas are present awaiting your attention, your love? Be aware of what is illuminated within your thoughts, your heart that guide you to what wants to change and shift to allow this space of connection to be made. Again release the old make space for the new, do things differently, whether action, reaction, expression, perspective.

Take time to meditate, to be within stillness and reconnect with the heart through the breath. There is a lot transforming at this time so again give yourself what you need, what the body is asking for whatever it may be, rest and allow yourself space where you are able to check in and be present with self so you are aware of what is going on within you, how you truly feel, not what the mind is telling you driven by old patterns and beliefs that you have to be or do a certain way to be worthy, useful or of value. Honour all that you feel and honour your journey thus far, give thanks for ALL that beautiful wisdom gained through your experiences this year so far as they propel your ever forwards in love.

Flow and seek ease through all within your day. Allow Light to enter in and flow through you, to touch all that you touch, no matter what your day looks like or involves, bring in the Light and allow it to lift you, to empower you. Allow Light to walk with you within each step you place on the Earth, allow Light today and all days to pave your way, send Light within all you express, send Light ahead of you, allow Light to envelop you, allow Light to lead you, allow Light to lead.

With Much Love xxx

(Light Code – SoulLee Connected (c) 2023 – This Light Code came through yesterday it is the first Light received for my card deck in creation) Not to be copied, downloaded or shared in any form. Those that connect with my website however are welcome to connect with it through this post if you feel drawn to.

With absolute Love xxx Lee