Ease and Grace

15th June 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Feel the light within you, keep making positive choices that align with your intentions for yourself and your future creating. Keep coming from the heart space as many at this time are purely operating from the mental and this is creating quite an unstable or chopping environment for them. Perhaps this is something to keep in mind in how you are feeling throughout your days, again mindful of where the mind is running the show and to take a moment to stop and come back into the heart, breathe and reset your energy, centre yourself within love, connect with the peace within you, remember you are not what is going on outside of you. Hold your peace.

Allow others to be as they are and try to stay out of the old reactionary ways, choose your words and moments to express carefully and if you can perhaps see that it is best at times to just say nothing and observe, a non-judgemental or reactionary state as best you can. You may be very aware of the energy rising within you in reaction to what is being experienced and aware that this would have meant the you in your old patterning and beliefs would have reacted in some way to defend, prove yourself right etc, a reaction to any extreme but you are able to see through things, you feel different within certain situations, you are noticing your changes and shifts. Feeling the pause. This is magic, this is the work showing itself to you, celebrate this, celebrate you and what you have let go of. Others may be feeling the choppiness within and this can result in people spewing out in words or actions without conscious thought or awareness, it is purely a reactionary state to the energies running through them, the emotional charges.

We are continuing our mastery and the learning that you can come from a space of peace and allow outside energies to be around us but not have the impact , the effect they once had on our stability, balance and peace of mind. We are better working to master being in flow with ease and grace and bringing this into our lives more and more.

We are deeply supported at this time to keep stepping into our empowerment and see the potential for us to create anew in each moment.

With Love xxx

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