A Shift has arrived

23rd March 2023 0 By SoulLee Connected

There is a shift today it is deeply felt, there is a peace present and a powerful inner knowing that all is well, and all will be well, always, seeing the path ahead written by Soul long ago for this lifetime. How are you feeling today, what do you feel within?

Think about what you do that you don’t want to do any longer, what has become really obvious of late and stirs within your body and mind, what plays on repeat in thought and experience? As we are guided to be, to embrace who we are, embrace and open to more of our authentic selves what wants to end? Whether it’s a way you respond to something or someone, that quick response that you nearly always regret, a habit that has become an ingrained routine that no longer serves and perhaps only serves to now take up your time and distract with busyness from that which your heart wants. Is it stubbornness and need to control which really is you trying to keep yourself safe? Is it how you talk to yourself internally, your self-judgement, are you sick (literally) of beating yourself up over anything and everything? Is it the what ifs, should haves, why didn’t I’s that don’t sit in present moment that keep you from moving forwards? What way is ready to be done with?

You already know what you want to quit doing, set your intentions from your heart. You may have done this before or a hundred times before it does not matter, today is a new day, this moment is your fresh start, try again, commit/recommit to yourself as all wants to make space so the new can be welcomed in, to open to the new opportunities and possibilities the greater potential of you, whether that is you within your work/career, your business/passion, you as a mother/father, daughter/son whatever it is in life all wants to expand and open for you to be your greatest potential in this lifetime. For you to see and know the beauty that you are and the creation you are capable of, no matter what that is.

“I (say your name) choose, I AM the catalyst for positive change within my life”.

This time is a powerful time of great opportunity for us all to step it up, to rise. It’s all within you already. We are being supported within these present energies to let go of past pains, traumas, habits and patterns to come into greater acceptance, allowance. A time to transmute and transform the old into something new, to open and connect to your personal power, liberation!

(Image credit unknown)

Much Love and thank you so much for all the birthday love it was deeply felt and received, I truly appreciate and value all of you. Xxx