BE Present in the Present

23rd September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Two words entwined coming through today. Present-moment, present-moment, present-moment this is the only space/time you are fully able to make choice, decision, action. This is where you are creating your future from. Be present now, the past is behind you, the future not yet here for you are creating it now within each breath, thought, emotion, word and action. All you truly have is now, all your potential, all your power, all your love is in this moment, what will you choose to create with it? Where will you choose to create from, love or fear? Come into full awareness of your presence in human form, self-awareness, welcome softness and flow, be fluid and open so within each moment you are connected through your heart, your senses, your body, your intuition so you experience all the little gems, breadcrumbs and beauty that each moment has to offer you, feel the expansiveness the limitlessness of each moments space and the limitless choices you have to choose how you interact within that moment and all it brings.

“Flow free of expectation, judgement, outcomes and fear Dear Heart and open to the beauty, the power, the love that exists within each moment.”

As you open to greater harmonic flow by recognising when the logical mind is pulling you out of the present (your presence) you are making space to receive through your intuitive senses the messages and guidance available to you. Keep choosing to walk within your fullest potential, truth and powerful love.

Much Love xxx

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