Trust & Flow

8th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Understanding the power you have to create and working with this is the theme of 2022 it feels as we are guided to really explore the power of our thoughts, words, emotions and actions and the impact they have on creating our reality, now and ahead of us (well everything is ‘now’ really however we will call it ahead of us) creating for our future self.

We are really getting the idea of trust and are able to hold it and really understand it whereas before it was more so coming from the head, thinking we trusted, saying we did but our beliefs our inner being was telling a different story, it didn’t match up. Now we are gaining greater clarity of the beliefs we hold, we are more honest with ourselves and the inner exploring, the shadow work has brought up much of what was hidden and blocking our trust. As we embody and walk in trust, bring it into our hearts it is allowing us to flow in and within all that we are experiencing (as best we can) as individuals, and within the collective experience with greater ease and with the ability to come back to reset and balance, to centre and come back to the love within.If you are receiving the pull, receiving the guidance, the messages to get out of your own way and finally create, let yourself be seen this is your year. Those that are the way showers, the light workers are being called to deeper service, for you to hold your higher vibrational light and support others. Of course you have learnt that you can only do this by supporting and loving yourself and it is because of this work you have done that you know find yourself ready, or just about to take the leap of faith. Many of you are here to lift others, to anchor an hold your light so that others may feel it and to help raise consciousness. You are here to help others see within themselves, to guide them within themselves, to the knowledge they hold, the gifts, the love. To explore the light that they are, the multidimensional being they are. You are here to guided them home to themselves. To Soul.

Keep showing up, keep standing up and not allowing yourself to be lead blindly in your day, eyes open heart open, be aware. Keep reminding yourself you are walking with Soul, keep guiding the head into the heart so you can unite the personality with the heart, to unity moving forward within all.

Much Love xxx

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