Observe & Bring In Peace

7th October 2022 2 By SoulLee Connected

Be the observer rather than the reactor, whether it be your own emotions, thoughts or that being displayed and projection from another, remember you get to choose how you react, or don’t, what you engage in and how much you choose to engage in it. Notice the past patterns and how you may have once reacted with judgement, fear, doubt, anger, and remember your choice to align with a higher path and a new way. Let it be. Let it be and as has been the message for a while now, come back into the heart. You are choosing different in all ways in your world, within all aspects of your life, taking the learnings and wisdom gained through past experiences to help you to keep following the path of love and what serves you in love for this also serves others and guides others to choose to do the same.

Remember all endings allow beginnings, you may not yet see the beauty of what is opening for you within the transformation occurring but hold faith that you will and greater clarity and understanding of what you have travelled through will start to emerge, for many towards the end of this month. The changes that have and are still taking place, the death, birth, rebirthing occurring calls us to deeply let go and allow, find your acceptance and peace within what is occurring, find stillness, go within and find your sacred space of support and love in connection with the Divine/Source, the Angelic Realm which is so very close and all surrounding at this time. (Sit and connect with the Angelic Realm Code found in ‘Files’ in the SoulLee Connected Heart Channelled Guidance Closed Facebook group). Print it out. Wording also in Files.) All is occurring for you in its right time, trust the process, keep finding your peace within it all and seek the beauty that is everywhere if you look with your heart.

All is inviting you to keep moving forward on the best aligned possible pathway that serves your greater balance, harmony and joyful heart.

With much love to all xxx

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