All is moving you forwards in Love

3rd July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

You may find yourself going back over or rethinking some of your choices, decisions and actions made over the last few weeks, whether verbally or physically expressed. This is healthy as some may have been acted on out of impulsiveness, nothing wrong here as it is your eagerness and desire to create and do, to change. This reflection however is good as it allows you to check in if all your choices, decisions and expression have been aligned with the heart and knowing. So a review may be a good thing here before you get to ahead of yourself.

There feels a sense of renewal around your sense of your worth, you are so much more aware of yourself in all ways, a deeper sensing and at times incredibly powerful sense of knowing that it’s hard to describe, that you are a Soul but aware of your humanness, your traits, your quirks all that makes you the magical being you are, you are getting better at allowing the inner critic to be not so loud, or harmful. It’s a continual work in progress as you choose love over fear in all opportunity and experiences. Your ability to be more forgiving and compassionate towards yourself is really seeing you able to step forward and create what you have been wanting to bring into your life, feel within your being your love for yourself grow, some for the first conscious time. The little spark of light you are is becoming something that you can connect with, you are starting to feel your expansiveness.

The fear or making a mistake or doing or saying the wrong thing that has be present within many of us is starting to subside a little as we gain confidence and open to allowing ourselves to be, however that looks, to experience, to explore without holding on to fear and doubts that would have previously held us back. There is more determination to live and walk your authentic life path and the more you are walking in your light the more magic and magical you are feeling within.

Within every little step forward you make, every little bit of healing or releasing you do, every time you let go and let love, even every time you feel you made the wrong choice or said the wrong words, took what you perceived as ten steps back and only one forward, find yourself in an old pattern, you ARE moving forward, you are always moving forward, keep going and trust that you are making some huge inner changes, much of which you are not yet able to see or feel in your reality, but trust that you are. You hold the power, believe that, believe in yourself and your ability to rise.

With Love xxx

(Image SoulLeeConnected (c) 2022)