2nd September 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

As August unfolded to be a month of letting go and detaching from the old, so much shifting and rearranging within relationships to serve us in higher more authentic ways, the message today, and it feels very much a message for this month, is one of continuing to practice being the master of our emotions. Mastering greater love within ourselves. When the energy (for that is all emotions are – energy) rises it means not fighting them, not being reactionary and immediately sinking into ‘something is wrong or bad’, not avoiding them or shoving them down in order to avoid feeling which is a natural reaction for many, for all emotions are valid and need their space, it is the opposite in fact. It is to be present, within continual presence and self-awareness to what we are feeling but to bring in that greater (your) higher knowing to rise above any stories attached and see within/from a higher perspective for yourself. Doing this as best you can for it is a practice, one we continually practice but one that does become easier, a second nature as you start to connect with your higher wisdom, walk within your higher wisdom without conscious thought, it just becomes you.

When any emotion/energy runs through you, notice it, is it in your heart, is it in your head, is it in your solar plexus, has the energy got stuck at a point in your body, where is it being held? Stop, take a breath, pause and come back within to your heart, focus on your heart and just breathe, you can do this in a second. This helps to reset the mind for a moment away from any ‘stories’ connected to and triggered by that emotion/energy that may come in which can easily snowball. You can then focus on the part of your body that you feel the emotion (energy) within and use your breathe to breathe it, shift it down through and out of your feet, see, sense, feel, imagine it moving through you with the breath. This helps you to allow the energy to not sit within but to move completely through, complete the cycle through. This is about really putting into practice become more aware of the self, learning to understand the messages of the body and how energy moves through you, how you receive and react to it, and become more aware of triggers, stories and old patterns that may be attached so we can make better choices, so we are better able to be present with our emotions but to be in easier flow with and within them without attaching ‘all of us’ to them.

All is serving you to open to more of yourself, which brings into view those new doorways and new openings that have always been there you just haven’t yet or fully been able to become aware of their existence for you. Be present, detach, release, flow, shift, expand, open. This month is about stepping into your powerful courage so you feel confident to take those steps, walking within deeper faith and trust within yourself for there are some magical beginnings available that open so much ‘more’ than you thought possible, some will be lifechanging. Detach from the stories and make space within for the newness already present. Believe it and it is so.

Much Love xxx

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