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6th October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

There is so much we are trying to rise above in our world collectively and within our own individual lives, at times you can feel like the feet of the duck peddling rapidly under the water whilst we try to connect and be present with the beauty and serenity above and within the seeming chaos. If you feel your emotions stirred today or you have been finding it hard to silence the inner critic that is judging what you haven’t got to or haven’t been able to move through or let go of, it’s okay. There is literally so much going on at the moment its okay to feel different from one day to the next or even one moment to the next. Let the judgments go of how and why you feel how you do and do your best to just allow it to be just as it is, this way you move through it with least resistance.

Do your best to just allow how you feel as the unresolved pokes it head up to be heard, to be seen, not just glossed over but truly seen. This may feel a little or a lot uncomfortable within your emotional body, your heart, and the mind will have the tendency to run off with the stories if you let it. Many at this time are experiencing within their closest relationships the want to be truly acknowledged for who they are, to be truly seen for who they are, not what they ‘do’. For all the places where we have stuffed our light, our love, our creativity our uniqueness, our voices down cannot continue to be so, that story is old, that way of being is old. The authentic self rises up to be witnessed in all its beauty and power and this may be uncomfortable for those closest to you. All that you have worked to heal and release comes to a point that the inner is being reflected in your outer actions, words and it not only takes adjustment time and space for you but for those closest to you. Nothing can be hidden anymore, all that has been clothed in deceit is being brought to the surface, there is no place to hide, and for some this may produce a few bumps or mountains within many relationships as the truth calls to be seen. Eyes wide open.

As best you can remind yourself in each day it is a process, and the more you can bring love in to your heart and fill yourself up when it feels overly emotional or a little scattered, do what serves you, yes they speak of those practices again. Get out and move the body to help the energy move through you better. As the influxes of higher light move through us, move through our physical bodies all the places where we have blocks within our flow, or the light (energy) hits the deeper layers ready to be worked within it rattles and this can be felt in different ways for each of us and to varying degrees depending on what layers and stories we still have to work with. ALL IS WELL. The more you can remind yourself it is all energy, use the breath to move it through, nurture you in the ways you know serve you, all helps to not allow the mind to attach too deeply to the stories that it shakes and clings to.

A pop in for those that have their Personal Codes – This message comes for some to remember there is so much going on within, the unseen workings that you are not consciously aware of some of you may feel you aren’t getting anywhere or the inner critic is rising (as spoken of above) remember there is shifting and releasing occurring within such deep layers and levels of your systems and you need time to process and integrate for it to be anchored within the physical. It takes time you are progressing and moving forwards in all moments trust this. This is a reminder that you are actually doing so much work within what your Code has specifically come in to assist you with, trust the process. These are huge times that you choose to do this work. If your faith feels it wavers at times, that mind comes in with doubts and beats you up a little bit, COME BACK IN TO THE HEART, FILL YOURSEFL UP, CALL FORTH DIVINE LOVE TO SHOWER YOU. You are moving mountains you just don’t know it yet.

Hands on your heart “I (your name) trust all is occurring for my highest and greatest good. I trust in myself; I trust in the Divine plan for my life. I AM Love, I AM peace, I AM Light.”

Much love xxx

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