Patience and Love

19th November 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

Patience with yourself through times that feel a little heavy is the key to making positive transformation possible for you. Love and honour what arises, be kind to your mind if it brings up a rush of thoughts from out of nowhere, you will notice if you dive into it and engage in it, it will snowball. Lovingly hold yourself and remind yourself that all is okay. Loving yourself just as you are is the key.

You may feel this more intensely over the next few weeks, or you may not, if you have been avoiding what you have been shown isn’t working anymore, isn’t helpful for you within your life and thus your inner growth likelihood is you will. Again all is okay all is being highlighted for you, illuminated for your own benefit. Changing your perception from things feeling murky, or wrong, not going right, to one of being lovingly guided to the best possible outcomes and path, will see you step through and be able to make and manifest rapidly.

We are being asked to handover our past so don’t worry if you are having a lot of past experiences remembering past emotions coming up. This is what is ready to be done with, lovingly hand it over to Source it is as simple as that, announce you are letting go, thanking all for the wisdom gained regardless of the feelings behind it all. Tell your heart it is safe to release the past.

We have been within a powerful time of transformation this last week, trust in the path that is unfolding for you, let go where you can, be within all with as little resistance and fight as you are able, bring in love to all and see that all is moving you to be within a more heart expanded way of being. All working for your highest good and Soul empowerment, work with it not against it.

With Love xxx

Image from Instagram post – Its message seem fitting today -Immersing deep within the self to find all you need is already present within you. Keep being willing to open to more of yourself, trust in the process no matter how that looks and discover the love you are in more profound ways. You are the key. You are the magic.

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