Follow your Inner Light

11th October 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Your continuing search for truth and empowerment means trusting your inner guidance, it is found as a reflection from within. You are moving through huge Soul growth at this time, navigating situations that perhaps you are very consciously aware of having come around again, and many that have been coming around again and again, repeating themes throughout your lifetime thus far. The same Soul learnings coming around to offer you opportunity to do different, to bring into love so it can come to completion.

Can you see that you ARE choosing to navigate these experiences with a different mindset, can you see how you feel, perceive and choose has indeed changed, even if just a little? You are so much more aware, so much more aware of all occurring within your world, your eyes have opened and you hold greater confidence and determination to live within a peaceful heart space, to flow within peace as much as possible. Take time to go inward and ask questions of your heart, your Soul, the Higher Self if you are unsure or need guidance as how to best navigate a situation, experience, person. Ask to see to be show what it is that you may be blinded to that may be blocking you from moving forwards, what do you need to learn here so you can move past this, ask to be shown. Disconnect from the noise of the outside world, the mind and check in within the stillness to your true self. Your connection to the Divine and Universal knowledge is found within you.

“I AM connected to the Universe within and hear clearly the guidance of my inner voice”.

“I release and let go of what I cannot control and what is not mine to carry. So be it.”

With Love xxx

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