Intention to Flow

25th May 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Really holding strong to the intention to be within flow today, to flow with and within whatever is arising within you or whatever is presenting outside of the self. Hands on your heart, close your eyes and smile as you feel the support streaming through Source through your body filling your heart. All is and will be well, you have got this and you are doing it progressing in the right direction with each breath beautiful hearts.

You are being hugely supported at this time to move past any old fears that may rear their heads especially around your capability, your trust in yourself and in life. You have been nudged for some time little by little to step out of your comfort zone, the old structures you have existed within and believe in yourself more and more. The abilities you hold are so much more than what you allow yourself to imagine, you are so capable of doing more than you believe yourself to be able to. Embrace and know your abundant self, this is not about money but about abundance in all aspects, as the creator being you are. Where are you not applying yourself fully, where or what are you not stepping back from that is overdue?

Keep stepping forward holding trust and belief in yourself whilst owing all of you. This is also about moving forward holding self-responsibility, for your actions, reactions, thoughts, and words, as this is what you are creating from for yourself. Be accountable. Speak your truth in love.

Bring your hands to your heart each day, a few times a day, feel the love flowing to you, and that is present within you at all times, and smile.

Much Love to all xxx

Light Code – Love is Ever Present For It Is What You Are At Your Core – SoulLee Connected (c) 2022