Slow Down & Connect with Love

22nd July 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

The message today is to slow it down, we are integrating a lot that we have moved through the last week and are guided to keep our focus ahead, being aware when this flicks back into the past, the thoughts, habits, actions, words that we react with that we are working on changing, it’s always evolving, and bringing into greater alignment to serve us with love.

At the same time that you are being encouraged and lovingly supported to be boldly authentically more of who you are, as you continue to work to allow yourself to shine and feel more comfortable confident and freer to be seen, heard and express yourself, it may become apparent to you where others are struggling, this may be more apparent within your friendships, relationships. Their struggle or projection may bring up and trigger your old wounding’s that you are still working within, that which have not been fully brought into love, yet. This is also an evolving process. The mind then connects to the energy within and then brings up all those old thoughts that tell us if someone around us is feeling a certain way, projecting on to us then we are at fault, we ‘are’ the fault or flaw, we logical know we aren’t but this still plays out through our core wounding’s. We can in an instant fall back into those doubts and unloving thoughts that tell us we have done something wrong, or that we are not enough, not loveable enough, not likeable enough, haven’t done enough, all the ‘not enoughness’ can rise. You may be seeing this playing out within others through them projecting criticism, gossip, judgement, jealousy. Its not about you but at the same time do be aware of what you are projecting, always be really honest with yourself and the part you play, this releases blame energies.

Hold compassion and kindness for yourself and for them, for what you are seeing is their own struggle to bring the unhealed, the unloved into love, light. We are all reflections of each other. Those that ‘feel’ the empaths of which there are many in this group may be more aware of this, remember to check in and not take it on as your own (as best you can). Cut cords, remember you have the power “I connect to my own energy”. Do your best if you feel this to hold them in love, see through what they are projecting and hold love for that is what they really need and are needing to further connect with within themselves. There are many struggling within these energies but there is a shift coming and it will lighten up.

With Love xxx