Monday 14th November ~ Self Awareness

14th November 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Being aware, responsible and accountable for how we are choosing to show up today, in each day, in this very moment. Where is your head, where is your heart, what vibration are you radiating out and thus attracting to you also?

We do have choice and yes it is hard within certain circumstances and when around certain situations and people, even places, to maintain a heart that flows love forth, where we are centred within our hearts and choosing from our hearts and aligned within our higher knowing. However it is your greater awareness to your vibration, your emotions, your thoughts in the moment that then allows you to choose, to radiate love centres within peace, or not. We don’t get it right; we don’t get it sparkling all the time and that is perfect also for that is also how we experience and grow.

Today’s message is about being aware of self and what we are choosing how we are choosing to show up and if we are conscious and present or running around without conscious awareness to ourselves, what we are projecting, holding on to, allowing to fester, and the effect of such we are creating with.

It only takes a moment to focus and come back in to the heart, place your hand on your heart, close your eyes and exhale deeply. Take a few deep breathes in and out of the heart. Let it all go. See yourself filling up with a luminous soft pink light, see it expanding through your heart space, feel the comfort the love present. Smile nd remember you are Soul walking within a human experience, you are pure magic, pure star dust. Go shine your love and sprinkle your star dust out around you and if you find it hard sometimes remember that is okay also.

The energies we have been receiving over the eclipse period have been powerful, amplified, they will start to settle down if you have been feeling a little or a lot pushed through these last few weeks. Hold the remembrance that all comes for reason, all is working with you not against you.

If you have been procrastinating and putting off you may feel you are able to step it up a little as we head into December. Many are receiving information, insights and new ideas coming in, don’t rush it, let all the information land, not all of it has arrived yet be open and allow space. If you feel things aren’t moving as you want them to just hold tight, it is a balance between not rushing and pushing things to be ahead of time and over procrastinating wanting things perfect but really getting nowhere. Ah it is to be human right 😊.

Much Love xxx

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