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17th December 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

There are realisations coming in over the next week or two and they are connected to our relationships (in any form) those where we don’t truly feel a sense that we can just be, just be yourself or feel free, a sense of freedom within the relationship, so one that you may not feel honoured or respected in, heard. One that may not, and this is the realisation had or revisited, allow for growth. You may find this comes up for a ‘review’ as we are being guided to dig deeper into what is right for us where we are now, where we have grown and expanded to be as the year comes to an end. All a part of what we are choosing to move forward with and what shape and form that will take. Those relationships where you don’t truly feel you have the freedom to be yourself, be you just as you are may be calling for change, to come into alignment or not.

Keep making time to go within, to connect with your beautiful light, to connect with your heart and bring in the love of All there is to fill you up and remind you of who you truly are. To remind you that you are amazing, you are magical, you are courageous, you are an incredible everchanging, evermoving spark of love. To remind yourself that you are all these things no matter how you feel in a moment. That you are not your past, you are not your emotions. Make time so you can tune out the noise, the outside world making space for the divine messages to flow through to your heart.

Reach out to those that may be alone and silently struggling at this time of year. Show them they matter, that they are not alone, the smallest gift from your heart can mean the absolute world to someone. Give from your heart, offer an ear, a hug, a visit, a phone call, a cooked meal. Everyone deserves to feel they matter, that they are seen, heard, and loved.

With love to all xxx

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