All is okay ~ You are evolving

9th December 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

A reminder of your beauty, of your power, of your love, of your incredible magic. A reminder of your courage, your strength you determination. A reminder that every little part of you every aspect that makes you, you, is perfect, is magical, is a part of Divine love.Keep honouring you, keep listening to Souls guidance, the Soul is really stepping it up and is front and centre of guiding you at this time. Again as came in yesterday observe what you are receiving, what is occurring within you, observe all for all are keys and little gems of information being given to you. Take it in, sit with it all, allow it to settle before taking action. Spirit is asking the ‘human’ self to trust in the process, the pathway, the outcomes and whatever you are within at this time in your experiences to deeply trust this is perfect for you, for it is. You don’t have to do it all at once, one thing at a time or you may feel overwhelmed with it all and the energy within you feel depleted. The December energies are going to start amping up so take the time to slow it all down, you can still get it all done, one thing at a time, step the mind back and breathe where possible.

Change this month is still very much upon us and for some it is really highlighted and active. If you are finding this change unsettling or you feel destabilised at the moment know that you actually are on track, on your pathway. There is no going back to the old ways once you make the decision to step up on your ascension journey and change when it comes knocking can leave you feeling like the rug has been pulled out from under you, can leave you feeling you don’t know who you are, or who others are. It can at times feel difficult, exposed, vulnerable as what is occurring here is the old and the familiar slipping away as it is ready to, and as the new you is forming/emerging you are trying to navigate this you within the world. This is why some things don’t fit, don’t align anymore, people included and it can take time to adjust and settle in here, take time to land. It takes courage, faith and trust yes and is why many choose to not take the steps they are guided to for they are just not ready. Absolutely nothing wrong with this in any way they will later this lifetime perhaps or the next or next, for all of us have our unique soul journey. Support those that need it at this time, love those who need it, extend your heart if you are able for sometimes when they are within it all it is hard to find faith and am outstretched heart, hand or voice is all they need to recentre.

If you are within big changes within yourself and your life please know nothing is wrong, go gently for this is your awakening process taking another step, your rise into higher states of consciousness. Trust the process deeply, keep reminding yourself of the incredible being you are for stepping up on your Soul path. Remember the power your thoughts, words, actions/reactions transmit our into your reality, what they form and attract to you.No matter where you are on this journey right now remember your magic, your light, your love and the incredible being you are. The one thing that is constant is change, all shifts, nothing stays the same. Keep stepping into you.

Much Love xxx

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