Fathers Day

5th September 2021 0 By SoulLee Connected

It’s Father’s Day here in Australia so this can be a day of really varying emotions. Celebration for some that spend the day with their fathers in love, those not being able to celebrate and see their father due to our lockdowns at present, those that no longer like me have their fathers walking the earth, and the many that have had strained and even traumatic relationships with their fathers, those that don’t know their fathers at all.  With this said what is coming through the higher realms, it feels angelic sent, is a great wave of compassion, of love, being sent to wrap around all of those that need it. It is love, it is support to ease the heart, compassion. This can be a tricky day for many so if today you find you are a bit out of sorts or even if you feel on the outside you don’t pay any attention to this day, just be aware it may trigger you within regardless. Be kind to yourself, allow your emotions to come out don’t hold them down, its okay however you feel. The earth journey with our families can be a hard one but one that we can learn the most from.

As you read this now can you stop for a moment – Breathe in long and deep, hold it for a few seconds and now release the breath through the mouth, all the way out. Breath in deeply again through the nose and release through the mouth. Do this a few more times, allowing your shoulders to drop, to relax, let your body sink, let it go, feel all the energy and tightness within run through you and out the souls of your feet, let the Earth Mother take it from you. Now direct your focus to your heart, hand over your heart, say – “I love you, just as you are. I am whole, I am complete”.

Make choice to do what is important to you today not that which you feel you ‘have’ to. Make choices that support your heart and being as a whole. Mindful of who and what situations you may feel pressured to be a certain way within/around, to still feel you need to wear a mask around. Be unashamedly you, shine your heart forth, you don’t have to perform for anyone. Put all you have learned about standing in your power, in love, being your sovereign self into action within your experiences today.

You are so held, supported, and loved, always. xxx

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