24th March 2022 0 By SoulLee Connected

Our ‘allowance’ is what is coming through today, our ability to greater allow ourselves to flow within all, to be aware of ourselves in new ways, a more open and self realised way. As we move within our day we are walking in closer connection with ourselves not detached from ourselves, more connected to and willing to witness our thoughts, our emotions, how we are feeling, how our body feels, and how it all relates and relays messages back to us about the deeper state of our being. We are no longer willing to turn a blind eye to what comes up or stuff it down as we literally now feel the weight of it within us. This willingness to rise is magical beyond words!

Not getting tangled mentally and emotionally within the dramas of others, or over involving ourselves in another’s responsibilities but allowing them to move through what they need to experience for their own growth and journey whilst holding them in a space of love and compassion, kindness. So we can be the light and hold space but stand firmly in our own truth and our own stuff. This is allowing us to flow with greater ease, allowing us to really get to the roots of many things that we have in the past perhaps covered over, avoided or detached ourselves from feeling as we are not avoiding anymore we are allowing all.

There is such celebrational energy of love streaming through for the incredible amount of self work, inner work that everyone has been doing, been prepared to explore. Keep going, keep it up for you are becoming more and more visible in your light, you are shining brighter and lighter as you have shifted out density stored within the past and reconnected to the parts of you that had been cut off. You are opening to more of the beautiful love that you are.

Much Love xxx

(Image courtesy of free images)